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  • Bettina

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    Bettina has beautiful blonde wavy human hair wig and handmade grey-green glass eyes. She is wearing a taffeta dress with matching pants, a bolero vest with rose trimmed tulle, an Alice band with a silk ribbon and leather half shoes. Her accessory is a beautiful leather purse.

    Limited to only 150 pieces Worldwide 

    Bettina's sculpt was originally seen in the 2011 Collection. Hildegard Gunzel sent the following message explaining the origin of this edition:

    After I announced in the previous year that I was planning not to produce any more Resin dolls, an overwhelming flood of letters and emails have reach us from all over the world. Many of my collectors felt sorry that the Resin collection would not be continued. For that reason I have decided to use the remaining contingent of previous limitations and give them a new design. This way Marai, Shani, Bettina and Inka might look familiar to you, but they will shine in a new different light. Marta is this year's new addition in my collection of charming Resin dolls that I made for you with so much pleasure. 

    ~ Hildegard Gunzel