• Carla


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    Carla by Dianna Effner 2019

    Boneka dolls are beautiful designed made of premium quality Vinyl with the feel of porcelain. 

    Carla measure 25 cm eyes hand-painted blue a red Monique wig.

    Suitable for ages 14 Years up

    Carla is Thursdays Child 

    Limited edition of 3

    Carla comes as shown with the white outfit and shoes. 

    Articulation: 5 Points

    Thursdays Child face and body, and stands more on her right leg than her left .

    Thursday’s Child - She is 26.4 cm / 10.4” tall and has a head circumference of 6.7" with the wig. 

    The shoe size is 38 mm. All Boneka dolls wear their fashion size 24 cm and hat size 18 cm.

    Carla will be delivered in a designer bag scented with lavender.