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Dearest Daughter Musical

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Artist Lena Liu perfectly captures the tender feelings of warmth and joy that we need to express to our daughters in her heart-shaped masterpiece formed from lush peonies, colourful butterflies and golden ribbons. The intricate brushstrokes and subtle, pastel colors of her watercolor-on-silk technique create an elegant wreath that makes a statement of heartfelt emotion more eloquent than words alone could express. This exquisite floral wreath graces "Dearest Daughter," Premiere Issue in the new Expressions of the Heart Heirloom Porcelain Music Box Collection exclusively from Ardleigh Elliott. Crafted of lustrous Heirloom Porcelain and triple-fired for lasting beauty according to an Old World process, "Dearest Daughter" is hand-underglazed in lustrous ivory and contrasting coloured bands to complement the flowers in the artwork. Hand-applied touches of 22K gold gleam from the rims, while a heartfelt message, "My Daughter, My Joy," appears on the lid embraced by the exquisite wreath. The elegantly flocked interior holds a small compartment for mementos, while the eighteen-note musical movement plays the endearing melody of "Always In My Heart." About 4 inches wide.