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  • Encore

    $129.00 $99.00

    Encore Doll by Ashton Drake Galleries

    Gene Marshall.

    Made of Vinyl

    Stands 15.5" inches 

    This circa 1947 reminds me of something a Gibson Girl might wear. "Midnight Gamble" Gene stands in for the doll that originally came with "Encore."

    From the story card:

    After the war, many who served in times of trial faced an even bigger trial themselves: returning to a peace-time existence. Hollywood was aware of this and did its best to give moviegoers a shot of self-confidence, surrounded by good old-fashioned entertainment.

    One of these movies was Encore, the story of a G.I. who had not only served on the battlefield but had found his true calling by volunteering in the USO. One of the highlights of the picture's first half was a cameo appearance by Gene Marshall, as herself, performing in a USO show at the front. She is the one who brings the G.I. onstage to sing an inspiring impromptu duet—and inspires him to become a star.