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Forest Chapel (Trust)

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Forest Chapel (Trust)

What's around the next bend? What lies at the end of the trail? When I walk an unfamiliar path, curiosity drives me on. The Forest Chapel portrays a daydream I've had many times: often while hiking some wooded trail I've come upon a spectacular flowering meadow and thought, "What a wonderful place to worship God". The idea of a chapel in an unspoiled natural setting has intrigued me for years.

Experience one of Thomas Kinkade's most admired church scenes in a whole new light with this spectacular Thomas Kinkade Forest Chapel Plate Decor.

With gentle rays of sunshine, vivid blossoms and peaceful waters, the inspiring visions of Thomas Kinkade create the perfect setting for peace. 

This plate is the third issue in The Spirit of Life collection, limited edition from Knowles China to an edition of 95 firing days. Numbered and signed. 

Measures 8 1/2" inches wide 

Certificate Included 

Stand not included