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    Lady Bird by Lorella Falconi 

    Her name is Lady Bird, named after one of the former First Ladies of the United States of America. 

    "During infancy Lady Bird Johnson’s nurse commented that she was as pretty as a “Lady Bird”, this adorable nickname virtually replaced her real name for the rest of her life, opinions differ whether the name refers to an actual bird, or a ladybird beetle. A perfect companion for Starling and Sparrow."

    Lady Bird is part of the Children Group she is made of resin with a mohair wig. She is a Ball Jointed doll, approx. 10.5 inches in length, 18 points of articulation, double jointed, and German mouth blown eyes.

    Lady Bird wears a white cotton blouse and a pleated black linen skirt, striped leggings, arm warmers and adorable lace up boots that can be worn with the collar up or down. Her outfit is completed by an adorable red coat with a removable hood, black stitching and white buttons. She’s all ready for her first day of JK with her back pack and toy bunny.

    Lorella designs and sculpts every detail including ensemble of each doll.

    Limited Editon to only 50 Worldwide