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  • Lori


    Lori is made of the finest materials entirely her head, hands, and feet are made of a material darvi on a metal frame her torso is natural linen with sawdust and her hair is of mohair from a Lama. 

    Lori's eyes are meticulously and carefully hand-painted while her head, arms, legs are movable. 

    The dress is made from genuine hand picked antique vintage fabric and lace, layered with micro beads. Her outfit is Shabi -chic style it is made specifically with acrylics. It is an artificial contamination of the tissues. So given the author's charm and the antiquity of the doll. It is the direction of creating an art doll. This method is not easy! In this method, the dolls are valued more.

    The doll has the stamp and certificate. Lori is wearing antique lace boots costumed made genuine leather. 

    She measures of 13" inches. 

    Handmade and crafted by two Master Puppeteers AlinaAlyona 

    limitation of only 1 single limitation worldwide

    Made in Ukraine 

    COA and Stamped 

    PLEASE NOTE: Doll Clothes can NOT be removed they are part of the doll and design.