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    A FIRST-EVER from The “Luminous Wings” Art Glass Torchiere Lamp blends genuine art glass with charming sculpture drawn from Lena Liu’s artwork—at a fraction of the cost of the rare antiques that inspire it!

    A style of lamp created centuries ago, torchiere lamps shine light upward. They were popularized as art glass treasures during the early 1900s, and these historic versions still sell at a high premium in antique auctions today. These early 20th Century designs inform our lamp’s unique dual floral shape. Each of the flower lamp shades in this design is crafted of genuine art glass, just like those found in treasured antiques. The “Luminous Wings” Art Glass Torchiere Lamp takes this classic design to a new level by adding incredible sculpture inspired by the artistry of the acclaimed Lena Liu. With remarkable detail, this masterpiece is authentically hand-painted, down to the hummingbirds’ delicate multi-hued feathers, elegant long bills and beady eyes.

    Thanks to its antique-inspired design, light shines upward from the two CFL bulbs (included free) when you switch on the lamp. Soft rosy light radiates from the scalloped lily shades, illuminating the delicate hummingbird sculpture and providing unique accent lighting to any room.

    Measures about 15 in. high. UL-approved; includes two CFL bulbs for soft illumination.