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  • This is a Must Have

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    This is a Must Have is 24" inch Vinyl Doll by The Doll Maker And Friends!

    Designed by Rose Marie Strydom and Linda Rick.


    She has long blonde curly hair with a flower beautiful blue eyes with the cutest expressions on her face. 

    Her arms are made of vinyl to above her elbow, her legs are vinyl to her thighs and she has a vinyl breastplate. 

    Her costume is just gorgeous - She wears a layered off white satiny with lace dress and also has matching pantaloons. There large light pink and white flowers in the center of her hat to accent to the costume. She also comes with her Certificate of Authenticity and hang tag. She has a heavy collector's box that will keep her stored for years to come. 

    Limited Edition of Only 300 Worldwide!

    Premium Quality Vinyl Doll

    The Doll Maker and Friends offers collectible dolls of superior craftsmanship, creating the best in silicone, porcelain, vinyl, felt, resin and cloth. Each is made with exquisite quality in small limited editions making each an heirloom you are sure to treasure. Don’t miss the chance to acquire one of these beautiful, adorable darlings.