• Zoe


    This is a special hand-painted edition of Zoe with teal colored eyes by Helen Kish herself! 

    Zoe represents that sweet age between childhood and teen years with fourteen points of articulation, she is 11" inches tall and made of resin. She has lovely long wavy locks of mohair with bangs in a golden blond color that highlight her teal hand-painted eyes. Zoe's long sleeved frock has a full skirt of wine colored plaid with a white silk bodice dotted in black beads. Underneath, she wears black and white leggings, a lacy slip and wine colored Mary Jane shoes. Completing her look is a jaunty crocheted cotton beret in black with deep rose ribbon trim.

    2016 ball-jointed doll by Helen Kish limited to only 75 pieces Worldwide.

    Other doll Page is sold separately.